Stephen GillTalking to AntsShoot Gallery
Stephen GillTalking to AntsShoot Gallery

Chronicler, visual poet, anthropologist, sociologist, alchemist and conceptual artist: Stephen Gill is a unique maker of images who is constantly putting the photographic medium to the test and is able to create a visual language where documentary photography, coincidence, experiment and interventions
are closely linked.

In-camera photograms:
“The photographs were made in Brighton and Hove during 2010. They feature objects
and creatures that I scooped up from the local surroundings and introduced into the body
of my camera.

I hoped through this approach to encourage the spirit of the place to clamber aboard the images and be encapsulated in the film emulsion, like objects embedded in amber.
My aim was to evoke the feeling of the area at the same time as describing its appearance.”

– Stephen Gill


To be yourself.

To express yourself in tune with your
own thought.

To dare to start from your own heart.

To dare to trust that what you have
to say is important.

It’s hard.

It’s also damned hard to be an artist.

Stephen Gill – he is who he is, he expresses himself entirely from his own viewpoint.

Stephen Gill uses his camera like an archaeologist uses his trowel.

He explores ideas that grip him with an incredibly sensitive gaze.

He’s thorough.

It results in wise, discrete little details about how we live today.

Or like loving letters to a friend.

Stephen Gill dares to be Stephen Gill
and we are his friends.


– Greger Ulf Nilson, Curator

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