Tom SandbergCollectors ChoiceShoot Gallery
Tom SandbergCollectors ChoiceShoot Gallery

Tom Sandberg (1953-2014) is one of the most acknowledged Norwegian photographers today, exhibited internationally over the last three decades. His exhibition at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre/MoMA in 2007 was the first solo exhibition of work by a Norwegian artist in a New York museum for nearly twelve years. Working exclusively with large format, black-and-white film, Sandberg has produced a remarkable body of work that is consistent in its vision and imbued with a sense of mystery and great depth of feeling. Whether he depicts sublime snow-covered mountains, a car parked in the street, the head of an infant, or a spectral house shrouded in fog, his pictures are about what it means to be alive. Many of Sandberg’s pictures are aerial views—the earth seen from above, in a sense, in a state of suspension. One of his most hauntingly beautiful pictures is that of a plane seeming to hover just a few feet above a runway. Sandberg's work is about photography, about the act of seeing, and ultimately about being in the world. Focusing on a single object or person in each photograph, and steeping them in a murky, wintry light, Sandberg draws out soft tones and moody atmospheres from his subjects to create a pervasive complicity between them and the surrounding landscape. Sandberg was an artist who understood that life is in the balance. He captured the inner nature of photography with a sober technique. 

Shoot Gallery is proud to present The Balder Collection / Tom Sandberg for sale. The Collection consists of more than 50 prints by Tom Sandberg collected by a trained eye over a periode of 20 years. The prints belong mainly to the exclusive category of Silver Gelatin and Platinum prints. All prints are signed by Tom Sandberg.

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