Eric Antoine - Le Complexe de la Simplicité

25 Jan - 24 Feb 2018

We proudly present Éric Antoine - Le Complexe de la Simplicité
Opening reception
Thursday 25 January
18:00 – 20:00

Exhibition period
25 January – 24 February

Exhibition Hours
Thu, Fri, Sat 12-17 and by appointment.

We are excited to launch our first soloshow by the French artist Eric Antoine. His work was introduced in our opening show in Barcode October 2016 and the response has been astonishing.

NB! Please note his Ambrotypes are unique objects - framed glass negatives which means only one of each.
Please contact us at for workslist with prices.

Éric Antoine produces glistening, silvery photographs/ambrotypes that also stand alone as objects. Without the slightest hint of nostalgia, his process is an emancipating discipline. By ensuring that he is fully in control of his process, the artist operates an ideal merging between form and spirit, between artistic research and its most intimate history.
Antoine’s work as an artist cannot be dissociated from his life, whether in its most mundane aspects or its fundamental quests. He questions the fleeting nature of time, memory, the healing of scars - and hope, ever discreet and unwavering.
Symbols and allegories trace the geography of the photographer’s spirit.
The feeling of isolation, a central theme in his work, reveals the choice of life at one with nature, far from the clamors of the world. His solitude is as benevolent as it is fertile, serving as a kind of detachment that offers clairvoyant glimpses of the world as it goes adrift.
The immobility and silence intrinsic to Eric Antoine’s photographs contrast with images of a world of competition and imposed rhythms. Imbued with hints and subtlety, his work represents is a firm stance against a pursuit of sensationalism.
From this reflection arises a quest for an ever greater paring down.
The simplicity of his still lifes and purity of his landscapes reflect obsessive minimalism. As the eye is rid of disruptive outpourings, it can finally rest on the beauty of a patch of light, a delicate pile of forgotten papers, a bottle catching light, or a reflection upon skin. The complex of simplicity
Éric Antoine was born in France 1974.
He is a self taught photographer who has been exploring the possibilities of analog photography along many years of traveling around the world and documenting his adventures and encounters. 15 years and many magazine pages later, his life took a sudden turn and as most of it was spent in the chaos of cities and the overwhelmed life of a contemporary citizen, facing the complexity of the world, he decided to switch back to something slower and authentic. A life in the country side focusing on his new passion: Classic photography techniques and mostly Wet plate collodion photography. Returning to the origins in order to create a new future is a common process. In his case it meant to center on nature and simple occupations but also going back to the origins of photography itself by using one of the earliest and purest technique in his now very pictorial artwork.
During 5 years and for his latest book « Ensemble seul », Eric Antoine created his work exclusively within his house limits, an exclusive continent of artistic investigations, and an island of restorative solitude. His exhibitions reflect Eric Antoine’s favorite themes: the passage of time, along with his artistic and existential quest for simplicity. Objectified body fragments rest alongside insignificant everyday objects that are displayed as though they were the most precious gems.
Since 2016 he moved to a new universe of wooded mountains, Eric celebrates the immensity and the protective power of nature. His forests are metaphors for our most intimate foundations. Concealed within these nourishing meanders, frail silhouettes act as invitations to rediscover what is most essential. As his compositions broaden, the sky finds its place amongst dense landscapes; everywhere, light trickles like hope.

Le Complexe de la Simplicité – Galerie Jean-Pierre Ritsch Fisch – Strasbourg – Mai/Juillet 2017 (solo)
. AIPAD Photo Fair - New York – Shoot gallery – 2017
. Art Paris – Le Grand Palais Paris - Galerie Jean-Pierre Ritsch Fisch - 2017
. Art Karlsruhe – Foire d’Art Contemporain Karlsruhe - Laurence Esnol Gallery - 2017
. Oslo + Paris – SHOOT Gallery Oslo - 2016
. ST’ART - Foire Européenne d’art contemporain Strasbourg - Laurence Esnol Gallery – 2016 (solo)
. Le Complexe de la Simplicité – Laurence Esnol Gallery Paris – 2016 (solo)
· Black mirror - Mostra de Givors – Mars/avril 2016 (solo)
· Entre Deux - Musée Barrois – Bar le Duc - Decembre 2015 (coll)
· ST’ART - Foire Européenne d’art contemporain Strasbourg – 1000 ans des fondations de la cathédrale de Strasbourg – 2015 (coll)
· Frénésie du silence - Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris - 2015 (solo)
· Black mirror - The Square, Genève - 2015 (solo)
· Black mirror - Musée de Landskröna - Suède - 2015 (solo)
· Black mirror - Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris - 2014 (solo)
· ensemble seul - Laurence Esnol Gallery, Paris - 2013 (solo)
· Port Land - Galerie éphémère Port Land Bâle - 2013 (solo)
· Port Land - SCOPE pendant Art Basel, Bâle - 2013 (solo)
· Autoportraits de classe - Etappenstall - Erstein. Issu de 4 mois de résidence avec
la DRAC Alsace et La chambre - 2013 (solo)
· Art en capitale - Foire d’Art au Grand Palais, Paris - 2012
· Rétroduction - Tour des Templiers à Hyères – 2012
. KVADRATA – Mechelen - 2010
· Rétroduction - La Gaieté Lyrique à Paris - 2011
. Exposition avec Sergej Vutuc - Gallery of the Conservatory Institute – Split Croatie - 2009
· L’abbé Nollet (avec Raphaël Zarka) - Centre d’art contemporain de Chelles «les 2 églises» - 2009
· The Human Hunt - Galerie 24 - Strasbourg
· Pissing in a River - Galerie Basementizid Heilbronn - Mars 2008 (solo)
· Riding Modern Art (avec Raphaël Zarka - Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon - 2007
· Günther, 16 ans - Galerie Stimultania Strasbourg - 2006 (solo)
· Don’t hang up on me - Bâle - 2006
. 102 lits – Ancienne inspection académique – Nancy – 2005
Ensemble seul – Par Éric Antoine – 196 pages – 1000 ex - 2015
Preface by Héloïse Conesa - Curator for contemporary photography at the National Library of France.
PORT LAND - Par Éric Antoine – 60 pages – 1000 ex - 2013
Fisheye magazine - 2016
Les Germanopratines - 2015
Maelström - 2015
Télérama - 2015
L'oeil de la photographie (5 Novembre) - 2015
L'officiel des galeries et musées Octobre - 2015
Maelström, interview - 2014
COOPH - Mai 2014
L'officiel des galeries et musées - 2014
Je beurre ma tartine - 2014
Les journaliers - Avril 2014
Point de vue - Octobre 2014
Bad to the bone magazine - 2014
Boumbang - Octobre 2013
Connaissance des arts - 2013
Libération - 2013
Actu photo - interview 2013
Veine Magazine - 2013
Libération photo - 2013
Champ magazine - 2013
Photo magazine - 2013
Our age is thirteen - 2013
Art Actuel - 2013
Arté média - 2013
Blended - L'oeil 2013
Beaux arts magazine - 2013

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