Stig Marlon Weston

Divinations, 1 - 24 March 2018

Vernissage Thursday 1 March 18:00 - 20:00
Exhibition hours: Thur, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 17:00


Photographic Relics
Can the photograph be a medium to interpret signs and guidance from a religious and mysterious perspective?
Stig Marlon Weston has looked into the Sacred Mountain of Montserrat in Spain and used cameraless techniques to find answers. Photograms and Chemigrams create physical evidence of his findings and become photographic relics from a holy place that reflects the experience of having a vision or sign. Signs which must be interpreted to make sense.

Basically, Weston is concerned with how emotions and personal interpretation color our understanding of otherwise neutral experiences. When we read photographs, it becomes clear how cultural norms and patterns lead us to understand images within a certain framework. Mystical and religious experiences can, however, extend our willingness to interpret what we see and by making use of this as a theme, Weston wishes to draw the attention of the viewer to also open up to how we read and relate to photographs as interpretable truths also in others contexts.


The different series of images are made as reflections on ways to gather interpretable signs in order to consult the celestial powers.


"Cent cims" (one hundred peaks)

catches the heavenly light over stone walls built on the mountain tops. The mountain has a grid of trails and pilgrimages with inadequate and confusing labeling. Hikers set themselves up to show their way and lead others along the narrow paths.

Everything from tiny miniature towers to large rocky hills emerges as original depictions, created by the strong sunlight or in the full moon's skins, and at the same time reflects the shape of the mountain's tops.


"Tears of St Lawrence"

based on the legend of mysterious light seen as a divine warning in the sky at night over the mountain. The lights led local shepherds to the founding of the now-known Virgin Mary statue, a wooden sculpture of a black Madonna with the Jesuit child, in a mountain hollow in the 800s. The monastery was built around this statue, and since the statue was rumoured to have been cut out of St Lukas itself, the exhibited version was replaced with a copy in the 13th century. Today there are theories that the original statue depicted a pre-Christian goddess and astronomers thinks the mysterious lights were caused by the meteorite storm Perseids.

The pictures show direct chemical footprints of small stones taken from the mountain peaks, reproduced as close proximity meteorites.



are chemical prints made on the tip of the most famous mountain peaks of Montserrat. All mountain peaks have their own names and characteristics. Some are well-visited and with marked trails all the way up while others are only climbing by climbers. In the distance they look like a series of fingers of stone pointing to the sky, but close up they show their distinctiveness and distinctive mood.



takes care of how the sun's time can be read and interpreted by visual rhythms. Sunrise and sunset are seen from the various peaks, as in an interaction between the universe and the planet on which we are located. One hour long exposures are made with tiny pinhole cameras that capture the light from our nearest star on small pieces of negative film.

Stig Marlon Weston, N (1974) lives and works in Oslo

Weston has worked as a photographer since 1998 when he started studio CYAN in Oslo. With a background of being half English and a scattered family, he has grown up with an interest in seeing and understanding the world from different sides. In his work this is reflected in an overall focus on a visual discussion of objective truth and subjective observation. His interest in photography was awakened in the early years after a random tour of the darkroom followed by learning through his own experimentation. Weston has attached to the interest of the process-based photographic expression and physical image as an object. Combined with a critical look at how the viewer relies on photography, he has been working on conceptual projects over the years either with traditional photographic means or experimental camera less techniques, where he always explores ways to see, remember and interpret the world without insisting on his own subjective narratives.

Weston has participated at Høstutstillingen and Østlandsutstillingen, exhibited in Berlin, London and New York, and regularly attends courses and workshops to spread knowledge about the process-based photography.

The project "Divinations" is the result of his first two Artist in Residence stays abroad.


2014//              Workshop i Daguerrotypi med Preus Museum/Jens Gold,

2002//              Deltaker på kunstnerkollektivet Dostoprimetschjastelnosti i Berlin, lagt som et studium

                        under KunsthochSchule Berlin-Weissensee

1996//              Workshop i digital bildebehandling med fotokunstner Lavasir Nordrum

1993-95//         Utdannet fotograf ved Strømmen og Stokmarknes Håndverksfag



2018//              Holt, Lørenskogkunstforening

2018//              Holt, Bærum Kunsthall

2018//              Divinations, Shoot Gallery - Oslo

2016//              Øyeblikk, Hole Artcenter - Hole

2013//              Holt, Bærum Kulturhus - Sandvika

2013//              Månelyst, SAGA fotosenter - Inderøy

2011//              Sampling Nature, A und V Galerie - Leipzig

2005//              Landkjenning, Galleri Pontoppidan - Oslo

2004//              Sommerminner, Galleri Elenor - Oslo

2002//              If these walls could talk, Dostoprimetschatjelnosti - Berlin

2000//              Naturlig, Milleniumskonferansen - Oslo



2018//              Losseau´s archives, Mons - Belgia

2017//              #BliHus, Rådhusgalleriet - Oslo

2017//              Inside the Shadow, Arthouse1 - London

2017//              APDA, Kyoto – Japan

2017//              Uncertain States Scandinavia Annual, Galleri Seilduken - Oslo

2015//              Scientificious, Manifest gallery, Cincinnati

2013//              Playground/District 12, Galleri Vulkan – Oslo

2012//              Magnetic Truths, AW gallery- New York City

2012//             Using Photography, Dortmund Künstlerhaus – Dortmund

2011//             Rituals of Recreation, The Photographic Angle – omreisende utstilling, England

2009//              Limbo, Galleri Maria Veie - Trøndelag



2017//              #BliHus, Rådhusgalleriet - Oslo

2017//              APDA, Kyoto – Japan

2017//              Uncertain States Scandinavia Annual, Galleri Seilduken - Oslo

2016//              Society of Scottish Artists Annual, Royal Academy - Edinburgh

2015//              December salon, Shoot Gallery - Oslo

2014//              Stipendutstillingen, Galleri Ramfjord - Oslo

2012//              Fotografiets dag, juryert utstilling, Preus Fotomuseum - Horten

2012//              Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes hus - Oslo

1998//              Østlandsutstillingen

1998//              London Contemporary Photography Fair – London



2018//              AiR – Labverde, Brasil

2016+17//        AiR - Can Serrat Art Centre, Katalonia - Spania

2017//              Stipend - Norske Fagfotografers Fond - Norge

2015//              Pris - Working Artist Photography Award - USA

2015//              Stipend - Norske Fagfotografers Fond - Norge

2014//              Utsmykning - ICART, cruiseskip

2014//              Pris - Galleri Ramfjord Stipendutstilling, 1.pris 

2014//              Stipend - Oslo Kommune Kulturetaten – kulturinnovasjon

2013//              Utsmykning - Art Consult,  hotell – Tyskland

2013//              Stipend - Statens Kunststipend – diversestipend

2011//              Stipend - Norsk Fotografisk Fond – prosjektstøtte

2011//              Pris - Grand Prize Winner, The Focus Project - Artist Wanted USA

2005+07+08+16//Utsmykning - Norsk Sykepleier Forbund,  kontorbygg - Norge

2004//              Utsmykning - Berlin Radisson SAS hotell, Berlin – Tyskland

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